Flight Training


TrainingFirst time flying with us?

Call 715-231-1836 or email info@gibsonaviation.com to get scheduled with a flight instructor!

Training available at both Menomonie, and Eau Claire Airports. 


Existing students click here to schedule a lesson on Flight Circle



  • Private Pilot Training (PPL) qualifies to fly a single engine aircraft just about anywhere day or night in fair weather. 
  • Instrument Pilot Rating (IFR) qualifies you to do instrument flights in any weather conditions and at any altitude.


  • Commercial Pilot Training (CSEL) qualifies you to fly single engine aircraft for compensation or hire. 
  • Certified Flight Instructor Training (CFI) qualifies you to train pilots for single engine certificates and ratings. 


Instructor Rates

Primary Dual and Ground (Sport, Private) - $60 / hour

Advanced Dual and Ground (IFR, Commercial, CFI) - $65 / hour

Instruction in Customer Owned Aircraft - $70 / hour 

BATD Flight Simulator Checkout - $125